For the love of books.

There’s going to be a time when the hero’s sidekick needs a nap. When that happens, it’s time to let go, take a break, and even take a walk. 

Visit the neighbors. See if they have dinner plans. 

If the children are visiting, though… maybe it would be better to leave them to it. 

Whatever the stress, enjoying the scenery is calming. 

The wild spaces are places to recharge the spirit and renew the soul. All things are connected in some way, each defining and enhancing the whole.

Look for the stories. Everything in nature has a story. From the stories around us all, beautiful books grow. Some are mysteries, some are dramatic, even tragic. All contain some romance. The best stories tug at our hearts, sending our emotions dancing with joy, sorrow, sympathy, anger… the varying notes of the song of life. The wildwood choir is of crickets, frogs, owls and hawks, the sharp yap of a fox or the nerve-shattering squall of a bobcat. From a farm nearby, a mournful sounding band of pet donkeys may contribute, or someone’s old ‘coon hound may lift its voice.

As summer’s daytime force fades into cool evening laced with smoke from grills, a deep velvet blue sky is studded with a sparkle to rival diamond chips. Below is its perfect echo: a day-green meadow turned shadow-purple, where fireflies swirl in a golden, flashing marriage dance.

The earth is a book all on its own, a book with an ending we cannot yet see. 


3 thoughts on “For the love of books.

  1. It was an intentionally done image. 😉 The spider is indeed huge: one sees what one expects.

    It’s a wolf spider. Nonvenomous, and actually quite helpful creatures. The speckles on her back are her babies. Ie: there are many spiders in the shot. Ahem.


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