Oh, deer… and a tomato! 

We’re fans of the good people at the Furnace Mountain Zen Center, in a truly scenic portion of Powell County, Kentucky. Even the local wildlife know of the sanctuary found in their brand of deep peace.

We enjoy our visits with all of our friends there. 

This has been a summer of seasonal mood swings. Nonetheless, our tomatoes are beginning to produce!

It takes very little space to grow a few salad items each year. We prefer natural forms of gardening. Many of our neighbors also grow gardens and “put up” food for winter use. 

Each day is a simple adventure. 


Time for a change.

I’m moving from Blogger to WordPress to alleviate several problems. First of all, the formatting issues at Blogger make it hard for readers. Second, with WordPress, I can post updates to my blog across various social media with a single click.

Please bear with me. (My old blog is at http://songoftheraincrow.blogspot.com.) I hope to present new material on a fairly regular schedule.